Thursday, January 30, 2014

Op Shops of Brisbane: Lifeline Brendale

Op Shops of Brisbane is a series where I talk about charity shops I go to. Feel free to suggest a good one to me - I live on the north side but have been know to drive great distances for a good browse!

Lifeline's "Supastores" are always a treasure trove. Not only are they bigger than your average little Lifeline shop, the goods are generally of a better quality. Someone once told me they send the good quality furniture there, not sure if this is true!

 The Brendale Supastore is my local and in my opinion, the best one in Brisbane I've been to. For starters - it's huge. The space inside is cave-like. Secondly, they have a large range of things.

My favourite is the bric-a-brac and crockery. I think they've recently got a volunteer who fancies themselves a bit of an interior stylist as this area has been neatened and arranged much more nicely recently. I often find Johnson of Australia plates and mugs, and also the odd bit of American Pyrex. Plenty of English JAJ Pyrex if you like that sort of thing also. Endless glassware.

The clothing is abundant and regularly rotated. I am happy to report they do now have plus-size racks, a godsend for those of us who hate going through endless rows of ladies clothes sized 8-12. The brands are generally chain-stores like Katies, Millers and Target, but I have seen Bonds and even higher-end stuff like Seed there. There is a big rack of jewelry where I have picked up some lovely necklaces recently, and a huge range of shoes, bags and scarfs.

There is a large selection of books - and they have a shelf of "recent" ones too, which I think they try to keep stocked with the better quality novels that come in.

The kitchenware area now has its own Tupperware section, though the prices are too high for me. If you collect it though, there are often good 80s pieces to be found.

Other sections I don't visit - electrical, furniture, fabric and sheets (except for the occasional glance for any vintage sheets) and toys.

I highly recommend Lifeline Brendale - though I must warn you, DO NOT try to break up items marked as part of a set. I did this once unknowingly and the volunteer lady went off her tree at me for trying to buy one coffee mug instead of the whole mug/plate set!

Lifeline Brendale is at 4/256 Leitchs Road Cnr Kremzow Road, Brendale. It is even open on Sundays!


  1. I have found the most random things in that store! It's a great one. Congratulations on the new series!

    1. Ta! It is seriously a great place. I went over to the Virginia one once and thought it was not as good?

  2. Those look like great thrift stores! If you ever make your way stateside, you should come to Central New York. I live not too far from Corning, NY where they used to manufacture Pyrex. The thrift stores around the Finger Lakes, Corning, Ithaca, and Syracuse can be treasure troves! My Pyrex collection has exploded since I started making it a point to visit thrift stores in Corning whenever we go to visit my in-laws.

    1. That sounds pretty awesome! You know I love Pyrex. And Corningware for that matter. I do hope to come over there in the future, and you can imagine my delight at the thought of the wonderful thrifting opportunities! :)

  3. I see why this is considered as one of the top charity shop in your area, given that there are seemingly a lot of worth-purchasing items around here you could get at a bargain price. So far, do you own any items you got from hunting in this shop? Looks like you know this place, and so perhaps you could share us some tips how and where to spot the good finds. Have a good day!

    Norman Watkins @ Giving Works eBay

  4. I've been going to this store and 5 others around the area for the last 4 years. This one is big and has a lot of items . But if you are looking at furniture , beds, tables/ chairs, lounges this shop would have to be ( in my opinion) overpriced . If you ask what's the best price they can do for you don't bother. Foot ware , men's ware expensive for a charity store.
    Travel down the road 4 min and there is a second hand shop worth going to, prices are great, volunteers are so nice, and very clean. This one is top of my list of the five I go to. The lifeline in Brendale would be 5th on my list.

    1. U do know work places have rules & regs they have to follow otherwise they will get sacked.

  5. i just came from there its def not open on sunday

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